X-Plane 10

X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator, offering the most realistic flight model for general purposes. It is the only professional-grade flight simulator available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can download the free demo from our web site.

You can order X-Plane 10 Global from X-Plane.com.

X-Plane Mobile

In addition to the X-Plane flight simulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, Laminar Research develops a line of X-Plane Mobile apps for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), webOS, and Android devices.

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Other Mobile Apps

Laminar Research has also created a few mobile apps outside the realm of flight simulation. These include the futuristic combat simulator Giant Fighting Robots, as well as the X-Planner, a tool for keeping real-world pilots safe by allowing them to easily perform pre-flight preparations and planning.

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About Laminar Research

Laminar Research is owned by Austin Meyer. We are a few driven, talented people that have made the accuracy and power of the X-Plane flight simulator essentially our life's work. We are committed to bringing the most realistic flight dynamics, the most immersive environments, and the most true-to-life aircraft models to the home flight simulator.

Using this high-quality flight simulation gives home users the ability to maintain their proficiency, resulting in safer pilots, and it gives commercial ventures the ability to thoroughly test their designs, and prepare their pilots, before building any real-world aircraft.